Philippi Arts Centre Partners With Cape Town Tourism To Give Back To The Community

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 15:36
25 kids between the ages of 7 – 18 were selected from kids/students of Philippi Arts Centre and participate in the Art in Tourism Painting/Drawing competition. The kids were encouraged and inspired by our professional painter/artist Sinothando “Black Pro” Mdebuka to draw inspiration from Philippi places of interests and tourist spots. The kids were given a short briefing about the history of Philippi and the tourist attractions found in our community. A total of 43 kids participated and the top 5 winners were selected from number 5 to number 1 by a panel of judges made up of Lumkile Mzukwa (Founder/Director off Lumkile’s Book Joint SA), Mihle Mbonxothi (Philippi Arts Centre Visual Artist) and Sinothando “Black Pro” Mdebuka which were been invited to give the kids drawing/painting basics before the competition started. Three different certificates were awarded to each of the top three winners and x25 additional Love Cape Town goodie bags were presented to other contestants as gifts.

Upon arrival, the kids were served light snacks and juice. At lunchtime, we prepared a lunch made up of traditionally Mugodu (Tripe mixed with vegies and internal meat parts) Samp and traditionally cooked bread. We served over 70 people including the kids, invited parents, teachers, community leaders, Love Cape Town team and the Philippi Arts Centre operational team. We had 3 sanitizing stations throughout the facility. One at the main entry gate with a
temperature thermometer and Love Cape Town Covid – 19 register) another station was positioned in front of the Love Cape Town’s Mobile Team Van and the third station was on
the entrance into our building.

We had an extremely successful Art in Tourism event. All receipts of expenditure were submitted to the Love Cape Town team after the event. Our team is grateful for the introduction to the Cape Town Tourism/Love Cape Town team and we are excited and looking forward to collaborating further to introduce Tourism through the arts to the community of Philippi.
The Drawing/Painting Competition was a great pilot initiative on the extent of our reach within the community and the impact we can make in the children, tourism businesses, and products that Philippi has to offer. Our team is buzzing with ideas and we have started planning for the following event – which will be centered on Dance/Physical Theatre, and mapping out tourist attractions in Philippi and the greater Subcouncil 13 district.

Philippi Arts Centre’s Historic Launch

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 15:16
This past weekend on 11 April 2021, the community of Philippi came to witness the historic launch ceremony of the first-ever dedicated arts centre in the history of the community of Philippi. Philippi Arts Centre was founded and opened on 06 September 2020 by Subcouncil 13 Arts and Culture Champions NPO – a registered non-profit organization founded by artists from and around the community of Philippi and the greater Subcouncil 13 district respectively. The organization was founded with a simple mission - To create cultural and heritage spaces and bring opportunities by unlocking the barriers of inequality to mediate between government stakeholders and the community through grassroots organizations and local institutions working together to create an active network of artists and community developers.

Our launch was well attended by the community of Philippi massively; they came in numbers to show support. Representing community leadership structures. The secretary of SANCO and the Community Police Forum – Mr Melikhaya Gadeni was in attendance accompanied by the chairperson of the local Ward Development Forum Mr Mandla Wonxa. They were also part of our keynote speakers and they endorsed Philippi Arts Centre with words of support from the community leadership structure point of view. Our program was filled with star-studded and extremely talented affiliate arts groups and organizations that came to celebrate with us on our special day. Showcasing on the day was our own Philippi Arts Centre kids and beneficiaries. We were joined by Thabisa Dance Academy, iThemba Labantu Dance Group, iThemba Labantu Marimba Band, iThemba Labantu Ensemble, MOD Centre, Beautiful Gate Drama Group, Indoni Arts Leadership Academy and IziQhaza Dance Group. It was a huge pleasure having the Department of Culture, Arts and Sport provincial legislature represented in attendance.
After lunch and refreshments were served to all the guests and visitors.

It was time for the live musical performances which encompassed the Philippi Harmonic Group, Cyve, Jah and we opened a slot for two of Philippi’s most talented upcoming musicians – The CPT Kid and Mr Hot Guy. It was a huge honour for our team to host the community and showcase the Philippi Arts Centre facility and all its functionality. Our launch was a huge success and we are very grateful for the support we received from the whole community, affiliates, community leadership, and stakeholders. Philippi Arts Centre has been properly introduced to the community of Philippi after 8 months of daily sacrifices made by the team. This gives us an opportunity to improve and develop our reach and engagement with the community to ensure that we deliver our mandate of developing the arts in Philippi and the greater Subcouncil 13 district while we uphold and promote community developmental values and principles.

Philippi Arts Centre Continues To Transform The Youth Of Philippi Under Trying Circumstances

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 14:58
Subcouncil 13 Arts and Culture Champions NPO would like to sincerely thank everyone from all corners of the world who has responded to the call for assistance in building the historic Philippi Arts Centre. The progress we have made together is miraculous. We have been fortunate to have donations of Tables, Office Chairs, Three Buckets of white paint, Reading Books and a generous neighbor is allowing us to use her electricity in the meantime for power at the Centre.

We would also like to thank the generous support of the immediate community of Philippi as a whole. Parents are trusting us with their kids and our programs have been running for just over a month as of the publishing of this document. We have a daily Yoga Class, A Fitness Boot Camp Training, A Weekly Spiritual Quest Session, and Various Dance and Photography Classes and Workshops – to mention a few of our popular program items that have sparked interest in the community. A full detailed weekly program schedule is available at the Centre and can be requested by email to We have successfully hosted a 2-day program Indaba and a 2-day Leadership Indaba as means of promoting transparency to the community we are held responsible by and also closely engage them in the kind of leadership they envision and would like to see running the Centre. Both of the Indabas was a great opportunity for the Philippi Arts Centre’s operational team to also learn and understand leadership in its entirety from the people and community that they will lead and develop at this institution. But not all has been well and smooth, our fight of keeping crime-related activities away from the property has escalated after we had a break-in sometime between the day and night of 03 October 2020 when the Philippi Arts Centre’s operations team and our Executive committee was at a capacity and team-building event at De Waal Park near Table Mountain. In the break-in, our Desktop Screen, Electricity cables, Coffee Station and Utensils, Broomstick, Reading and Coloring books were all stolen. We have reported the case to the Philippi Satellite Police Station and a case has since been open.

On 04 August 2020 during broad daylight we saw two men walking into the Centre and went to the backyard, they came back with two plastic bags filled with groceries and hid a car tire under an old couch in our backyard. We soon found out that they had robbed someone from the street behind the Centre and threw the groceries inside the Centre and went around to come to pick them up through the front gate. We reported this incident to the Philippi Satellite Police Station right away, a Police van came to collect the tire from the Centre and we were told there will be regular patrols and police presence at the Centre. The latest incident was that of our caretaker being strangled by a chain by an individual from the community who came in forcing us to accommodate a church that wanted to use Philippi Arts Centre for its event without following the proper venue booking channels. This member of the community was to be paid R400 by this church. We refused this strange instruction and demand on grounds that there is a very transparent process to booking the Centre and everyone interested in making a booking is to follow it, also, if there is any revenue to be made from a booking, that money should go towards the maintenance and fixing of the yard and deteriorating property as well as utility bills like water, electricity and so forth, not to an individual. This is where our caretaker was strangled
and his life was threatened.

We reported the matter to the Philippi Satellite Police Station and we are yet to receive a case number for this report, although it has been reported over 4 days ago. We have made various attempts of inviting the Ministerial office of the Western Cape Human Settlements, Western Cape Arts, and Cultural Affairs, Social Development, and Heads of Departments from the Western Cape Provincial government office. Our email invitations have gone unanswered as of the publishing of this release and we are making further follow-up attempts for this communication. We are calling out all government officials and heads of departments in both provincial and national government to come to visit Philippi Arts Centre and meet us to see for themselves and understand the urgency of our circumstance and the assistance we need to better and amplify the positive and youth transformative work we have been doing at the Centre over the last 2 months.

We are facing daily operational and administrative challenges and the recent break-in has left us without much-needed resources to execute our mandate. We are in dire need of immediate assistance with things like training for our facilitators and instructors, technical support and administrative resources. The City of Cape Town is in the process of helping us fix the electricity at the Centre. The city of Cape Town also promised to deliver a new dustbin for the Centre and we are still waiting for that delivery to this day. When we inquired about it, we were told the status of the bin is marked as ‘delivered’ on their system and that they will do an internal investigation to find out where is the bin. We remain dedicated more than ever to furtherly lay a solid foundation for Philippi Arts Centre as it is set and meant to serve the community of Philippi for the longer term and be a legacy of a quality independent arts institution that is created and operated by local artists who are from the community. We are grateful for all and any donations made that go towards ensuring all the above is actioned and followed upon diligently.

Banking Details
First National Bank (FNB)
Name: Subcouncil 13 Arts and Culture Champions
Type: Check Account
Account Number: 62864491198
Branch Code: 250655

Yours in Community Development
Philippi Arts Centre

Philippi Arts Centre - Progress Report

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 14:43
We are overwhelmed and grateful by the support we have received upon posting our plea for
assistance in building the long overdue Philippi Arts Centre, at the old abandoned Try Again Educare Centre. Various individuals, companies, government, and private companies and institutions have been communicating with us as collective pledging support and commitment to assisting us to realize our dream of creating the first-ever fully functional Philippi Arts Centre dedicated to progressive developmental youth programs designed to keep Philippi’s children off the streets and occupied in something positive. This was all after we had in our position a signed memorandum of understanding and a signed lease agreement and support from the late former principal and founder of the creche’s family, to clean and renovate the space to use for implementing Arts and Cultural programs specifically for the youth of Philippi in support of the Arts and to majorly decrease and fight the opportunity for criminal and drug-related activities at the property and in Philippi’s youth generally.

The former principal’s family supports our dream and has formally leased the property to us as a collective as we have been engaging in thorough discussions with them about the future of the property and its intended purpose of community and youth development in Philippi at large. Unfortunately, this dream and united movement is being hindered and stalled by certain individuals and structures that have been involved in a dispute for years regarding the ownership of the creche, which has been slowly deteriorating over the past few years without functioning as a creche or any other of its intended youth developmental functions. This has now become a struggle to convince individuals and structures within the community that is fighting internally over the claim of who should own this property that we intend to use, we have been asking to use it for years to literally save the children of Philippi from the scourge of crime, drugs and alcohol abuse. It is sad and disappointing that Philippi’s progress in the Arts and Cultural youth programs has been for years trailing behind the progress of those townships and sub councils around it. We say to this, enough is enough, the time for the Philippi Arts center is now. We, therefore, invite all artists within the community and beyond to come to help us clean, renovate and occupy the space to keep it clean and safe so that we keep ourselves motivated as well as the donors and sponsors that have availed themselves and shown interest to assist us. Currently, we are fighting to keep criminals and drug addicts from occupying the space because it was where they gathered until we cleaned the space and kept it under watch. Subcouncil 13 Arts & Culture Champions NPO is dedicated and continues to build the Philippi Arts Centre and we continue to invite the government, members of the community, the private sector, including educational institutes and organizations to assist us in any way possible. We are motivated and encouraged by your support, please do not give up on us.

Regards, Yours in Community Development,
Subcouncil 13 Arts & Culture Champions NPO 198-330

Help Us Build Philippi's First Arts Centre

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 14:17
The youth of Philippi in Sub Council 13 has been trying to build a dream Philippi Arts Centre, we have finally been able to secure a space to utilize long-term and transform into that dream. A former creche that has been abandoned for a couple of years ever since the owner stopped running the creche, unfortunately, the property has been vandalized and became a haven for drug addicts and criminals.

We finally have permission and a blessing from the family that holds the current lease to the plot with the Department of Human Settlement, to use it in aid of the development of positive youth programs and activities. We will be using the space to collaborate and showcase art activities such as the rehearsal, workshops, shows, etc. We aim to transform this venue to a fully functioning art center that will generate employment not only for performing artists but the community of Philippi and beyond inclusively.

We appeal to you and would like immediate assistance with the following;

Phase 1: Renovation phase

- Paint (Exterior and Interior paint for a property the same size as 3 normal sized RDP houses)
- Paintbrushes and relevant painting equipment.
- Masks, gloves, black bags, and sanitisers
- An ad-hoc budget for lunch and refreshments for the local artists and community members
that are coming to assist us with the renovations.
- Main entrance gate (The property has a gate but it needs to be stronger and newer)
- Yard maintenance (Fresh barbed wire around the property and fixing the yard wall in a few
- Kitchen; to bring up to useable standard (excluding appliances)
- 1 big main entrance double door
- 8 normal sized doors
- The whole bathroom needs to be renovated (We have 3 damaged toilets, 2 damaged sinks,
we don’t have a urinal and a shower for the changing room)
- Geyser and the whole plumbing setup for the building.
- Electricity (The whole electricity main supply box unit was stolen and there is currently no
electricity coming in at all to the property)
- Electrical wiring and lighting
- Windows (They have been broken but the window burglars are still intact)

Under Phase 1, we are getting the premises to an operational standard. Without completion of
Phase 1, we cannot secure the premises and space will still be at risk.

Phase 2: Preliminary operation phase

- Stationery (Notebooks, pens, stapler, Prit, glue, prestick, A4 black papers)
- Reading and coloring books
- Name Tags
- T-Shirt
- Office content (Chairs, Tables, Coffee station, internet connection, shelving, noticeboard)
- Playground for kids
- A fruit and veggie garden (We have space in the property)
- Performance stage/ stage mats
- Curtains
- Mirrors

Under Phase 2, the center should be able to operate safely and relatively secure.
Commencement of activities/teaching, etc can take place

Phase 3: Electronic phase

- Indoor theatre stage and an outdoor amphitheater performance stage.
- Theatre lighting system
- Lighting Gels/colors
- P.A System
- Computer system
- Theatre display monitors and projector
- Recording studio equipment
- Audio mixer, microphones, relevant cabling, and wires
- Theatre seating
- Smoke machine- Outside lighting for the yard and outdoor performances and activities.

In conclusion, we have a long-term dream of a state-of-the-art Art facility in Philippi that will provide introductory, intermediate, and professional training and workshops in various art forms that our team of artists is professionals and specialize in, in their respective professional careers. We have ambitions and goals of a fully functional garden, catering/soup kitchen, a decorated children’s playground to go along with the extramural activities we plan to implement.

Yours In Community Development
Philippi Arts Centre Team

Building Philippi Arts Centre Together

Posted by Kolping Mbumba on Wednesday, April 14. 2021 at 14:02
Subcouncil 13 Arts and Culture Champions NPO No. 198-330 would like to invite you to the historical renovation and building of the Philippi Arts Centre. This future art institution is located at the old abandoned Try-Again Educare – 1663 Sagwityi Street, Philippi in Cape Town. We have decided to occupy this deteriorating space, clean and renovate it to use as a much-needed Institution of introductory, intermediate, and professional Artistic training for the youth of Philippi and the greater Subcouncil 13 community respectively.

The decision to occupy the space comes out of desperation from the young arts and creative community in Philippi, desperation for space where we can express ourselves artistically in the comfort of our own neighborhood and hopefully transform and change the mindset towards artistic careers generally held by our parents. We have made various attempts to engage the leadership structures in our community to permit us to use the space. We wrote them a letter requesting permission to renovate and use the space, it was rejected on two different occasions. We tried organizing a meeting where we could present this idea to them, and our main concern is that the property has now become a habitat of drug addicts and a robbery hotspot. At this meeting where we were supposed to present the idea of the monumental Philippi Arts Centre to them, we were addressed and literally shouted at the gate of the future Philippi Arts Centre. We felt rejected and disappointed in our community leaders. We
continued to engage our leaders individually, we were promised more meetings and they were
postponed many times, to this day, they have never even heard our request to use this space,
rejected our letter twice and Try Again Educare Centre continues to be a ghost in the neighborhood with no activity. Although we have had this whole time a written agreement with the family that actually holds the current lease to this very property with the Department of Human Settlement, we felt the need to engage and involve our leaders in this crucial building stage of the Philippi Arts Centre. But we were met with rejection and a cold shoulder by the very people meant to assist and develop us. So, we have no choice but to occupy the old abandoned Try-Again Educare Centre 1663 Sagwityi Street, Philippi (close to Sinethemba High School). We occupy this property from Sunday 6 September 2020 from 9 PM and we shall start building Philippi Arts Centre for ourselves. Although we are a registered NPO, we have come to understand that it will be hard to secure long-term structural sponsors and donors for our building and programs. But all of these challenges stacked against us, we see as motivation to work even harder, dedicate ourselves to seeing this struggle all the way through so that all artistically gifted or interested future children in our community have a place where they are free to express themselves and grow exponentially within the community as artists.
We continue to make attempts to peacefully engaging our leaders and trying to involve them as we depend on their wisdom and experience in building an everlasting Philippi Arts Centre. We also continue to fight to keep the space free of crime and drug-related activities. We invite Artists from everywhere, activists, the media at large, and the general public to come in numbers and join us this Sunday at 9 AM. We have lots of work to do and would appreciate all the help. We request that you bring a mask and a Sanitizer on Sunday if possible. They will be provided upon arrival for anyone who doesn’t have them.

Yours in Community Development,

Subcouncil 13 Arts & Culture Champions NPO – Reg. No. 198-330

02 September 2020



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